Weber County Sheriff's Search and Rescue
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Jeff Hirschi cares for MRU Commander John Sohl in training exercise. copyright 1998, Sheri Barton Trbovich

WCSSAR team saved two lives at this crash site.

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Weber County Search and Rescue Teams are under the direction of Sheriff Brad Slater. The teams are: Climbers/Winter Backcountry; Divers/Swiftwater/Airboats; K-9; Logistics; Medical, Mounted Posse; OHV/Search; Winter Rescue/Snow Cats; Preventative SAR (PSAR). These teams work together to provide a resource for the citizens of and visitors to Weber County, Utah. If you are interested in joining one of these units please contact the sheriff's office at (801) 778-6600.

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Safety First!

  •  The Utah Avalanche Center: Forecasts, Snow safety, etc. 
  • Summer Backcountry Safety, A handout on staying safe in the mountains.
  • Images: Loads (hundreds!!) of images by Weber County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team members have been loaded onto the web site. They are ordered by date (most recent listed first). Please note that these are raw images that have not been cleaned up, retouched, modified in any way. If an image is dark, usually, you can easily fix it for example. Sheri can supply high resolution images to you as needed--just be aware that we all have day jobs and response for images may not be instantaneous. ;-)

    Note! We are currently working on the web site and will be moving all pre-2005 images to other pages--either in the training or rescues (missions) sections.

  • August 2005 ATV training for the public.
  • August 2005 - Garrett Bardsley Search
  • September 2004 - Life Flight hoist and LZ training. 
  • May 2004 - swift water field training. 
  • March 3, 2004 - Jeff Showing superior rope handling techniques.
  • September 2003, Project Lifesaver training of the trainers.
  • Here are a few misc. images of the SAR trailer, a damaged ATV from a search and Brad and the state helicopter. 
  • Tyrolean traverse training images, April 2002.